Helen is an innovative Clinical Psychologist, Peak Performance Expert and Speaker Change Leader. Delving into neuroscience resulted into her pivoting her expertise into Peak Performance to train and develop thought leaders and paradigm shifters but more so to advance a deeper understanding about body mind integration for wellness al round. She has special talent in integrating science and spirituality, revitalizing education, coaching pioneers and elevating new style thinking on business excelsior epic female leaders for the future. Leadership Coaching and Visibility Publicity Services for global female leaders. She is also a Women’s Economic Forum ‘Exceptional Women of Excellence’, United Nations Development Project and Toastmasters Mcdermott Offices in the Netherlands ‘Best Speaker’ Award Winner.

Helen Argyrou – Founder of ahaIntelligence and Clinical Psychologist

Our Services

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Loukia is the founder and head physiotherapist of the Health and Vitality Centre in Limassol Cyprus, she is a seasoned professional with expert skills in handling delicate and critical cases, oncological chronic illness and injured clients as well as those with oncological diagnoses. Her center offers advanced physiotherapy services, combining manual therapy techniques with advanced physiotherapy as well as the prototypical use f ozone therapy.

Loukia Olympiou Ioannidou  – Clinical Physiotherapist

Our Trainers


Oksana Constantinou is Cyprus based Yoga teacher, Breathwork Mentor, Regression therapist and GRIT Coach. Her yoga teaching certification includes 200 hours of Yoga TTC in 2018 and advanced RYS 300 with Yoga Alliance accomplished in 2019.

Teaching Yoga for Oksana means being an example to share her own experience and knowledge. Her Hatha Yoga classes are flowing and tailor made- depending on the group energy, with the emphasis on correct alignment, connection to the breath and individual approach to each student.

oksana constantinou – yoga instructor


With 2 years experience, Aontoinia is passionate to teach the ancient wisdom of hatha yoga with combination of dynamic hatha and vinyasa.
It’s a system combining geometrical body postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation (dyana) and relaxation (shavasana).
The goal is a healthy body with clear focused and peaceful mind. Aligning our body with our mind to achieve physical health and mental well-being.

Antonia Georgiou – yoga instructor

Antonia yoga

With a mission to inspire people to live with love and light, Derek will
take you on a dynamic yoga journey to awaken your spirit. He has received training in Ashtanga Vinyasa in India and Hatha Yoga in England.

Derek Doritis – yoga instructor


Ramu Madanan is a passionate Kalaripayattu Artist and a Lawyer on the professional front. Hailing from Kerala, he started practicing Kalaripayattu from his childhood. He is extremely experienced and dedicated himself to the art for about 17 years where he has performed at over 150 stages including national & international platforms, where he had showcased the ancient art form to contemporary society.

Ramu Madanan – Marial arts instructor


Chethana is a committed Kalaripayattu Artist and an Architect by profession. Trained for about 10 years, she had the privilege to perform Kalari at national & international stages. Chethana has won the Kalaripayattu National Championship twice in the year 2015 and 2016 for the state of Karnataka. She has represented India in the International Arts Festival in Moscow, organized by the Cultural Ministry of Russia in the year 2016. Demonstrated Kalaripayattu for TV5 French Channel Documentary on Kalari, and other channels like TV9, Times, News 9 etc. Chethana has also worked for Kalari Margam, a pictorial book released by Kalari Gurukulam in the year 2014. For her, Kalari is a way of life, she wishes that all women folk of our society practice Kalaripayattu.

Chetana Ambalike Pruthviraj – Marial arts instructor


Ilhem is a professional singer, sound artist, composer, yoga of voice and meditation teacher.
She helps create awareness of the effects of sounds and their vibration on the physical, emotional and etheric bodies. The voice, paired with conscious breathing, is used as a tool to create healing and transformation. In her classes you will work on Breathing techniques (pranayama), Tuning into your body”,
Harmonisation and chakra activation, Deep listening, Meditation, Discovering and Connecting
with the voice and inner-voice through awareness of single sounds and mantras.

Ilhem Khodja – meditation instructor


Antonia specialises in alternative therapy,  whihc is a combination treatment of muscular tension, pressure points, myofascial treatment and free healing.
The goal of the treatment is to help restore balance to the entire system, such as healthy balance between structure, chimistry and spirit.
She wormly welcome you to come and try out a session given with respect, knowledge and unconditional love.

Antonia Georgiou – Massage therapist

Antonia message