Down is the new up

Paradoxes hold deep truth. While current world challenges and changing workspaces are ask us to create new systems and evolve existing ones there is at the same time a powerful downward curve. Some have called our time one of the biggest crises and opportunity of a lifetime Managing the isolation, grief, anxiety and fear from loss of freedom, our old selves, the past and so much pending uncertainty, is what AHA intelligence specializing in addressing and assisting with.

Actually feeling down and upset, frustrated and insecure promotes a travel deep down into the depths of your souls to truly transform and ultimately build new survival skills for the coming era. To truly expand past old comfort zones and restore rejuvenate we will nee new vision, new leadership and paradigm shifters to guide the way, reach our potential.

Extravisionary Seminars

AhaIntelligence presents various cutting edge seminars that offer standard training learning and development, leading innovative solutions and disruptive HR practices to increase engagement, meaning and productivity. With new challenges to work performance, we base our seminars on findings from new surveys and current trends. These seminars are taught online to 50 participants or more by world reknowned corporate trainers.

Peformance Coaching


Book individualised sessions to improve productivity. These are specialized coaching services that also increase life purpose and personal meaning. Depth Analysis and Personality testing with enneagram 22 page reports forms the main part of this invaluable service. 

Mental Health Services

Psychological counseling, crisis management, and psychotherapeutic support one on one sessions as well as group trainings for mental health services.      

Ahaintelligence is also involved in a Global Goodwill Ambassador project MY DRUM MY BODY for sexual abuse prevention in primary school children education. For support or more information please contact us




Weekday or weekend training retreats, customized to suit your organization, Cyprus cuisine, 5 star hotel or stone built village agro tourist accommodation – Silverhouse Sanctuary. Including cultural visits, pristine beaches, traditional song & dance, immaculate sunshine kissed holidays. 

June – September. For other times of the year please contact us for a bespoke arrangement. 

Time withers, place evaporates.
Earth sky stirs.
Heat grows stronger and stronger within your belly,
your throat, your heart, in ajna between the eyes, in the midbrain area.
A glow of electrical heat quivers,
  connecting the root of your tongue, throat, heart, spine and perineum.
A space of light opens.
Time and more time, all is just time.

~Poem by Stuart Sovatsky